Friday, February 4, 2011

Vacation & other updates

Well its been an exciting few weeks recently. The interarticular hip steroid injection did not help. It would have temporarily relieved the pain Im experiencing in the left hip if the pain was originating from inside the hip. Considering that as soon as I left the facility and got in my car, that same, bucket seat, seatbelt area side of the hip pain was there...means its something else.....Im guessing pinched nerves.

The night prior to my long awaited Hawaiian vacation Im running around packing my luggage and decide to well kneel down and sit on my heels to pack, innocent enough right? Well upon standing I felt a peculiar tightness on the outside of my left knee, almost like a kink in a hose. It didnt go away and soon became weak and hard to stand on. Within hours I was unable to sleep and in excruciating extreme pain. The area on the outside of my left knee felt like I had ripped cartilage or worse.

It felt heavy, weak and I could barely move it much less stand on it. The muscles around it were tight like cement and bubbling like a hot stew. I was terrified! When ice only made it worse I tried heat, that was slightly better. Luckily I had some left over muscle relaxants but nothing seemed to work for a span of approx 12 hours until suddenly, after sitting through a 5 hr plane ride, it let up.

I of course avoided any crouching, kneeling, sitting on my legs the rest of the trip and it did not return but i DID continue to have a hot burning sensation intermittently down the front of my left thigh and the heat sensation on/off in my left foot.

Fortunately I was able to enjoy my vacation, and even got a little water time!

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