Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Went in for my 6 week post op for right hip and discovered that the reason by 14 post op left hip is still painful, swollen and can't tolerate being lied on is because I have Bursitis. What is that you ask? Read all about it here. Apparently it is swelling of the bursa,a fluid filled sac around the hip area. So I got a cortisone shot that (finger crossed) will help. Although at this point Im just sore and new meaning to "pain in the butt." Guess that's what I get for dancing on Halloween. Oh well we shall see if it helps!

Till the next update for all you hipsters and other pain strugglers out there, here are some pretty pill cases:

Friday, November 5, 2010

5 weeks post op!

I got my progress report at pt yesterday. Now that my right hip is 5 weeks post-op. I have gained 90% of my strength and 75% of my range of motion back so guess thats good! I go back to see my surgeon on Monday and would really like to know, when oh when will I ever be able to sleep on EITHER side ever again?? Really miss that! Otherwise had a fabulous Halloween and succeeded in standing/walking and even yes dancing for 5+ hours straight in costume, woohoo!