Monday, January 24, 2011


The good news is my latest evaluation at pt revealed I have full range of motion now in both hips! The not so good news is Ive been in pt now about 6 mos and my left hip is nowhere near the recovery it should be supposedly. So I have another MRA scheduled in a few weeks. Im kinda hoping I will have a miraculous recovery and not have to go through with it, but I have a suspicion something isnt quite right with the first surgery. Perhaps its just irritation, nerve something or muscular, all which would not require more surgery. Although the possibility always exists that the surgery could have failed or another tear developed, etc etc. Guess only time will tell. At least I have standardized full motion back. Certainly not the level of motion Im accustomed too having been a hot yoga junkie, but some day I'll get back to that....

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