Friday, January 7, 2011

Giant shot under xray to the left hip yesterday for pain. I think i have had enough radiation in the last two years that my superpowers should be kicking in anytime now.


  1. Was the shot helpful?? I'm curious as I'm going in next week to get my second cortisone shot. my swelling has gone down just a bit but not significantly. How are you feeling these days?

    btw, what does an FAI feel like physically? I'm curious.

  2. Hey Megan! Actually no...or not yet would be my answer. I didnt have any sort of 'instant' pain relief immediately after and it was very very sore for 7-10 days after thus far. I guess it doesnt work for everyone and hasnt yet in my case unfortunately. Im planning on going back for another MRI Arthrogram to confirm the surgery didnt 'fail' and/or another tear developed.... I am still unable to 'go for a walk', crouch down and pull weeds in the lawn, etc etc....all because my left hip which is almost 6mos post op! Although the right one (4 mos post op is doing really well). Im not sure I can say one way or the other how FAI 'feels', I just know how the labral tear felt as a result of it.